Multi-Platform Advertising Tool Enhancing Campaign Creation and Efficiency




Team Size

5 people


12 months

Tech Stack

Amazon Web Services

Multi-Platform Advertising Tool Enhancing Campaign Creation and Efficiency

Our client, a digital marketing company, approached us to create a unified platform that would integrate the campaign running APIs of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Apple, and Twitter. The platform would allow users to access and create a single advertisement that could be distributed across all these platforms simultaneously. Our task was to design, build the frontend and backend, deploy the solution, and provide ongoing maintenance and support.

Our team of talented developers began by conducting thorough research and analysis to fully understand the client's requirements and objectives. Based on this insight, we designed an intuitive and visually appealing platform that simplified the process of creating and distributing advertisements across multiple platforms.

For frontend development, we utilized ReactJS to create a responsive and user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless navigation and efficient ad creation for users. For the backend, we employed .NET 5, which provided high-performance and seamless integration with the frontend.

To manage data effectively, we chose PostgreSQL as our database solution. We implemented a distributed system using RabbitMQ and Amazon SQS to enhance communication between the platform's components and ensure reliability and scalability. To further optimize performance, we utilized Redis for caching.

Throughout the development process, we maintained close communication with the client, providing regular updates on progress and addressing any concerns or feedback they had. After rigorous testing and quality assurance, we deployed the platform and continued to provide maintenance and support.

The platform has significantly improved the client's operations by streamlining ad creation and distribution across multiple platforms, resulting in increased efficiency and reach. Our expertise in modern technologies has enabled us to deliver a platform that greatly contributes to the growth and success of our client's digital marketing business.